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Being part of Mozillians - My Story

  It’s been a while, I checked my blog if it’s still running. So everybody is welcome again as usual. So the news is I lately got the chance to work with mozilla Sri Lanka Community since it’s Reestablishment and I must say it’s one hell of an experience. Thanks to Danishka Navin, I have met other Mozilla Reps Malinda Prasad, Kalpa Welvitigoda and of course others too.   (Read:   my very first meeting with Mozillians) With my journey started with mozilla, we launched the Firefox 29 Code name Australis in Sri Lanka. (Read Article here). Not only that, with the mozilla Sri Lanka community we are reaching to schools with FOSS (Free and open source software) communities also.   Kingswood College Kandy event was one of the most successful events we hosted with interesting topics such as FirefoxOS App Development and other informative sessions. Lately we have hosted FirefoxOS Application Development day at National School of Business Management ( NSBM ) which was a two day w