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Things I earned by volunteering with SL2College

SL2College is a Volunteering organization which focus on provides unbiased information about education . Joining with SL2college  is the one of my life opportunity. most important thing is I got to chance to meet people , A lot of people , which is I love always. Everything started with I came to NSBM as undergraduate, after attending few hackathons and Google Student ambassador events and Idea Mart API development workshops , I got to know this awesome person call Shafraz Rahim , He was in my senior batch and already working with sl2college. One day Shafraz posted on facebook that they taking volunteers for Voices , which is Australian education fair organize by SL2college . of course I went there with my buddy Tharindu Samarasinghe ( bawwa) . It was cool , after few months volunteering and enjoying my life experience with sl2college family,  I got chance to working with Sl2college web team where I met Rashmika , Nayana , Navaka and others , I got chance to wo