Clash of Clan Meetup ? Call us Crazy

Yes ! , Call us craze or something. We Speedy-Sl  Clan of Clash of Clan Android had Meetup and yeah It was really really cool.

Note : Clash of Clan is a Mobile Game with connect through the network . build your town center , clan wars between others . something like that if you don't know what COC already.

So the day was 27th September and place was Grand Arcade , Kaduwela . went to kottawa with gang for taking the bus and unfortunately I missed the bus because it was the same day I brought OnePlus One and dealer came to the Homagama.

I was bit late to the party while others already having fun -_-

Can you belive we printed T-Shirt for the clan ? 

Unfortunatly we only had around 17 members from the clan to this meetup and hopefully I'm waiting for the next one. 

Day was pretty much good , Thanks to Jasintha Peiris  and Dili Silva for organizing this meetup. 

Author Note : It's not just about gaming or being childish with meeting your game clan. it's about meeting others and enjoying your life time. I already decided what should my life look like and this is how I expect. even most of them are my batch mates from NSBM I rarely meet them because of working and other stuff. glad I have chance to meet at least like this. 


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