Software Freedom Day 2016 @ NSBM FOSS Community - Talking about Why Software Freedom Matters

It's been few years now I have been actively contributing to FOSS and it's community , even though in this less years I do had chance to work with numerous FOSS events and projects . from large scale organization like Mozilla Foundation to Local huge projects like Isuru Linux ( Program and OS ) to School workshops and seminars.

Software Freedom Day in  Sri Lanka  was held in 2016 September 17th at NSBM ( National School of Business Management ) and also RUSL ( Rajarata University of Sri Lanka ) .

It's really great to see enthusiasm in new people who really into Open Source Community , also people who understand it's a vision, not something that someone put boundaries around , people who understand where they can scale it where to suits their needs and to others.

for all this years led me to things that I could talk about the visions , paths and philosophy for days. I do read about it lot , (A LOT ). and still internet filling with lot of people thought about it where we still need to read what people really look into .

This blog post only to share the presentations and you can find it below .


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